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Divine Beings + Human Experiences

Home is the place we come from and return to after completing a journey. This is true of our daily transits as well as the arc of our lives through the universal cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

Here at Embodied Home, we believe that it is the mission of all beings to learn to embody and express our essential nature, what you might call the soul. Our time here on earth and in our bodies is temporary, and we are focused on the practice of aligning with what is lasting.

Practically speaking, there are as many ways to do this as there are people on the planet. Guided by self study and direct experience, we offer our community opportunities to reorient to liberation.

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To know yourself is to know the truth

In essence we may be sparks of divine consciousness, but we also have bodies, minds, and relationships that require tending. And while we trust that the inner teacher is the ultimate master for each of us, they can be a challenge to find.

Modern culture (with roots in patriarchy, capitalism, and white supremacy) rarely provides the time, space, and tools for self discovery. And in the face of this, we consider the pursuit to know and take direction from Self to be a powerful act of rebellion.

The wounds we receive through social constructs, conditioning, systemic oppression, trauma, etc are so often the portals we must pass through consciously to heal and remember our wholeness.

To help reconnect you to your own inner teacher, we offer services in several modalities to suit your capacities and interests. These include holistic individualized yoga sessions, tarot readings, meditation, breath work, and more.

megan in a sun hat

My name is Megan

I am the founder / creatrix / the one spinning every single plate here at Embodied Home.

I came to live in Southern New Hampshire by way of Brooklyn, New York. I left the city in an attempt to reconnect to what is truly valuable to me, and so far I have not been disappointed. Don’t let the distance sway you from reaching out, most of my session work is available online.

I came to the work of healing myself and guiding others to do the same out of necessity. I live with complex chronic illness and understand a holistic approach has much more to offer me than an allopathic one.

Work / practice / life are all deeply interconnected for me, there is no separation. I am not a brand, but a person who is tremendously grateful for the trust clients place in me.

I hope you will do me the honor of being a guide for your own homecoming.

Introduction to Breath Work

Our self-paced audio course is available now. Learn to cultivate calm and clarity by expanding your relationship with breathing. The course fee is $33 and includes 4 audio lessons, 3 guided practices, and 2 bonus videos, all yours to keep forever. Click through to learn more and to stream lesson one completely free.
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