Introduction to Breath Work is available now

Our new, self paced, audio course is available now for you to call home. I would like to offer you a 10% discount on the course fee if you purchase by Wednesday, February 13*. Use code CLEAR to receive 10% off. Learn the basics of engaging your breath in a conscious manner to invite vitality, clarity, and balance to all dimensions of your system. Lesson One is available in its entirety, please click through to receive this free...

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The Ancestors

I feel them as a circulatory system, as an intricate web of veins and arteries.Two main lines connect me to this web from behind.These lines meet at the center of my being, at the heart that has nothing to do with blood.They extend outward from my back, one each for my mother and my father.These lines split into new ones, connecting to the mother and father of my mother, and the mother and father...

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