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My name is Megan and I am so happy you are here. I am a yoga teacher, writer, tarot reader, gardener, and crafter based in Southern New Hampshire.

I lived for decades as an unrealized HSP and empath, experiencing my sensitivities as burdens, just what I was meant to bear as I navigated the world. Over time, and with age, experience, and practice, I have remembered that these enhanced senses are a Divine gift, and are my keys to unlocking awareness and inviting in a richly fulfilling life. The seeds of living in service were planted at birth, I can recall nurturing them as a child, wandering off to spend time alone in nature (consequently scaring the hell out of my parents), seeking to commune with unseen energies. I remember gathering natural objects that seemed important to save, fallen immature pine cones, stones, etc. I was enthralled by the colorful communities of mushrooms that sprouted in our yard, and was drawn over and over to the brook and waterfall behind our property.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but this was the beginning of cultivating a reciprocal relationship with nature, with its cycles, intelligence, grace, beauty, lessons, and gifts. It’s a relationship I was conditioned to ignore, as is the convention of our modern culture. I fed this convention freely by fleeing rural life after I graduated college, spending the better part of a decade in Brooklyn, New York. In spite of all the beautiful souls New York brought into my life, it also depleted me of any hope of a relationship with nature and my inner knowing. Upon meeting my teacher, my life took a turn. I began to remember what space and stillness felt like, and what truth could be experienced in their presence. The shift inside was subtle, but I was forever changed. A few years later, I lived through the loss of one of my oldest and dearest friends. Her death served as a breaking open of my spirit, which led me to the decision to radically change my life.

My partner graciously followed my lead, and here we are today in rural New Hampshire, in the ongoing process of saving my family’s former vacation home from ruin. And here I am, saving my spirit from a quiet decay in isolation, finally taking steps to fulfill the agreement I entered into when I chose to dwell for this time, on this planet, in this body.

I believe my mission is centered in helping people improve their relationships. Relationships can be with ourselves, our partners/family/friends, the land we tend, the planet we all share, and/or any other entity we interact with. My intention is to provide practical information/practices for those who seek me out. In whatever way we work together, my greatest gift is to help facilitate the circumstances where you can receive clear instructions for how to cultivate richness in your life, in whatever sense suits your vision of living authentically. You hold a wealth of knowledge inside yourself, you already have the answers you seek, it is my job to help point you in the direction where you can unearth the wisdom inside. This process looks different for each individual, and looks different at any given phase of their life. In recognition of that, I offer a range of services including support conversations, individualized yoga lessons, and tarot readings. Any and all combination of these services can be utilized as we work together, please contact me so we can get started.


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