Megan Alexander

Welcome to Embodied Home, my name is Megan.

I work to reacquaint folx with their innate ability to heal. As a facilitator of several modalities which ultimately empower and lead the recipient toward autonomy, it is my charge to observe and reflect. When reading tarot, I can’t reveal anything you don’t already know. When guiding somatic practice, I can’t cure you of all disease. What I can do is lend my perspective garnered by my (perpetual) experience of homecoming to Self. I trust my role as a supportive guide for you to find your own way is infinitely more powerful than any claim to know “the way.”

I once believed that wholeness / permission / healing, etc. was something that had to be given to me by someone else who knew better. It was only after reckoning with lifelong chronic illness that would no longer be ignored in recent years that this belief proved to be seated on the shakiest ground of all: overcultural programming.

If nothing else, I hope to impress upon you that no one knows what you need better than you. Of course, we all could benefit from help and company along the way.

Through whichever modality you are interested in pursuing, I will impart trusted skills and knowledge to assist you in the process of paying attention, noticing, reflecting, and taking action in your own growth, healing, and evolution.

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