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30 Days a Fool

Yesterday I decided to start a 30 day art challenge. I plan to make a new digital collage every day for 30 days inspired by The Fool, card 0 of the tarot. The Fool is a very special card in the tarot, who lives in No Time. The Fool is that perfect, divine spark that leads us head on into something we have no reason to believe will be safe, except that we KNOW. The“30 Days a Fool”

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New creation

I have a metric ass-tonne of very dated costume jewelry that is begging to be upcycled into some fresh designs, and a newfound love of making tassels. Behold! The first of many Big, Fat Tassel necklaces. I’m going to keep this one, but keep your eyes peeled for some available for purchase coming soon. 

Throw pillows 20% off today

I’ve been playing around with designing some fun, bold prints for various products available on Society6, and today throw pillows are 20% off. soft starlight throw pillow The prints I design originate as digital photographs of stones, grass, tree bark, old wood, rusted metal, etc, which I digitally manipulate to create whimsical, bright, intricate designs. botanical armor throw pillow The throw pillow covers are available with or without pillow inserts and come in four sizes. You“Throw pillows 20% off today”

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