An unexpected antidote

I have very sensitive skin, consequently I get rashes pretty often. Even if a substance is one I’ve been exposed to without any reaction, there is no guarantee that substance will stay on my skin’s safe list forever. This was the case with my beloved, tried and true homemade deodorant. I borrowed from several different recipes I researched online and created a blend that worked better than any commercial option I had ever tried. It“An unexpected antidote”

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Body Oiling

I’ve been using vegetable oil as a moisturizer for years, finding that applying straight oil to my skin after a shower left it hydrated and healthy looking for an entire day, whereas if I used lotion I would need to reapply. I began this practice in my late teens/early twenties with a what I now imagine is a super-refined sesame oil made by Neutrogena. With age (and the Internet) comes wisdom, and over time I“Body Oiling”

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