The Laziest and Most Imprecise Peach Preserves

Our lovely neighbor gifted us multiple pounds of truly perfect peaches last week, and as much as I love peaches, consuming 5 or 6 pounds of them before they went bad was just not realistic. After trying my hand at canning a small batch of dill pickles and managing not to blow up my kitchen, I felt confident enough to attempt preserving the peaches. Last week I bought a small jar of peach jam at the“The Laziest and Most Imprecise Peach Preserves”

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Walking the walk

A couple of weeks later, I’m taking some action as suggested in this previously channeled tarotscope. I’ve wanted to start the practice of home food preservation for a few years now, and this is the year I’m finally getting started. I nearly always produce too much food for my two person household to consume, far too much of what we grow ends up in the compost pile. We also have very generous neighbors with gardens“Walking the walk”

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Open post

Choconut Pie

Raw + dairy free + gluten free + (refined) sugar free = dessert? Pie no less? Yes, it’s true. So long as no one has any nut allergies or an aversion to chocolate or coconut, this is my go-to dessert for gatherings I attend or host. It’s always a hit, rich but not heavy, and it’s very easy to make. There’s also no actual baking involved, so when the weather is warm you can avoid“Choconut Pie”

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