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I imagine death as the last welcome step of a winding sojourn to prostrate before the she-wolf I have sought out all my life. I imagine myself as a faded creature, grey with time. And She understands. Her fangs generously gather what small protection, inutile against them. I exhale as a final contribution, and swiftly she releases me from the precious limits I have savored long enough. Rivulets of what once held me fill the“Death”

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Bury me beneath the dust of your ghosts with darker bones. Easy for me to shake. Light, then I’m free to roam beneath the cloud of obscurity. ©Megan J. Alexander

Guiding Wisdom

You’re just a little lost. Keep looking for the green. The glow that says go. It fades in and out, it may seem like you’re only going in circles because there isn’t a map, or even a worn track. You have only to look, and it’s easy to forget that only open eyes can see the way. -Megan J. Alexander


You can not expect an opened chest not to ache or to remain pristine. Each time you swing the hinge open then closed, the two pieces wont quite lie back together. It’s up to you to press them carefully so they fit, but not so hard they snap. -Megan J. Alexander


Zero is not a blank page, it’s just a starting point. Run with the ribbon, fill in the blanks in the equation. Calculate and cultivate a rhythm and a system to match the message, the solution. Balance in both is harmony true and lasting in the minds of all. Set out to give it away, speak deeper than a word. So strangers are close and comfortable within the walls enough to recite by heart what“Scales”

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Inner Source

Forgive me for gazing so mercilessly, I know you must want to hide away. But you see, I want my eyes to open wider, to dilate so they may drink this fire. But the brighter you are the less well I can stare. I had it all wrong when I thought the lesson was coming in how I would compare. -Megan J. Alexander

To Know is to Bow

To know is to bow. It’s to recognize that which runs through us all, an unending thread ceaselessly weaving itself without becoming any shorter. To present with grace and humility in the face of the bewitching monstrosity. To gather the intangible and unintelligible and recognize their richness, incomparable to any coin of value. To listen closely with every sense and to dip deeply into inexhaustible kindness when choosing to reply. To realize that knowledge must“To Know is to Bow”

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