Welcoming the sacred NO

I have come to trust what some might consider failure to be one of the most clear and easily recognized gifts from Divine. For instance, every time I have “failed” to retain a client, or even attract a new one in the first place, I have later understood this to be exactly what was best. The process of garnering this understanding continues to be an imperfect experiment, and until recently fraught with self abuse and“Welcoming the sacred NO”

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A new adventure for a new moon

​I started to hone a new skill today: Tuvan Throat Singing, specifically kargyraa. I don’t see many examples of women performing in this style, so I’m making due with online tutorials lead by men. I’m still just learning, so please be gentle with feedback!  ​​

The shape of an ally

The term “ally” is a major presence in the world we live in today. Those of us who live with any particular variety of privilege can find innumerable resources that present lists of what is required to fully embody the role of an ally. This is no such list, it is simply the account of an experience I had recently that further evolved my own understanding of the nature of living as an ally. I“The shape of an ally”

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I time traveled to an early episode of Dream Freedom Beauty yesterday with Darcey Blue. She spoke of a practice of leaving mandalas in the wild as offerings to the land and to spirit. I thought, what a wonderful thing to give. I’ve never crafted a mandala before, but I gave it a go this morning. I walked around my land, gathering fallen leaves, stones, and gently harvesting a few flowers and other plants, communicating“Offerings”

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