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∴∴∴Tarot Tuesday∴∴∴

Subscribers to the Tarot Tuesday mailing list receive a weekly tarot forecast every Tuesday at midnight, EST. Subscribers also occasionally receive an offer for a discounted personal reading.

I bring forward and interpret these readings with the intention to provide guidance for personal development in the highest and best for all. I do my best to put into words something that is swirling around in our collective unconscious, perhaps to provide a theme/framework for your meditation/journaling practice, or simply to plant a seed of thought which you may watch bloom in its own way for you.

Feel free to check out some of my previous Tarot Tuesday readings to get a feel for how I interpret tarot.

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∴∴∴Pig Street Works∴∴∴

Pig Street Works is an ongoing project of mine, it is a design collaboration between two of the most potent magical energies of our time: nature and technology.

I create digital collages made up of photographs of natural beings such as stones, plants, fungi, and clouds. The photographs are digitally manipulated, mirrored, and layered until the pattern begins to form.

You can read more about my process of creating this collages here.

Society6 is the online marketplace where Pig Street Works goods are available, featuring plain or framed art prints, pillows, tote bags, tech cases, rugs, notebooks, and more.

Please click here to join the Pig Street Works mailing list. Subscribing ensures that you are the first to know when new prints or products are available. As a thank you for joining the list, you’ll receive a coupon for $10 off your first Society6 purchase (which you are welcome to use in another artist’s Society6 shop if you like, it’s an amazing community with so much talent)