Ten Card Tarot Reading

Ten card readings are the most in depth tarot service I offer. I perform these readings using the Hagall Spread, which is specifically intended for use with the Haindl Tarot Deck. Hagall is a rune which means “hailstone,” it is representative of the primary form of creation as its shape contains all other runes within it. Hagall readings provide a wide breadth of insight including the following areas: the querent’s past, present, and likely future circumstances, the querent’s spiritual history, present spiritual task, and likely transformation, and the querent’s current qualities, their support system, and the lessons their circumstances are likely to bring. The more specific you can be in your query, the better I can serve you with these readings. Please don’t forget to fill out the contact form below after completing your payment. Readings are delivered via email within 72 hours of cleared payment.


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