tarot is a mirror, not a means of prediction

Selection of cards from the Haindl Tarot Deck

When we find ourselves unable to gain enough distance from our experience to garner useful perspective, our faithful allies (who I refer to as guides) are capable of communicating to us through tarot. They reflect back to us what we are being invited to experience and for what purpose, which we may not be able to perceive on our own.

I am largely a self taught, intuitive reader, having been in personal relationship with tarot for more than 20 years. When I felt the call to read for others, I sought to learn from one of the most revered voices of modern tarot, Lindsay Mack. I am a proud alum of her course, Tarot for The Wild Soul.


personal readings

I offer readings for the purpose of personal development and clarity, and I would be honored to facilitate one for you. My process is what I refer to as Slow Tarot.

While I am occasionally available for live, in person readings, my work is largely done over distance. I am someone who lives with a complex, unpredictable chronic illness. I understand this illness to be a finely tuned communication system that lets me know very clearly when I have overstepped boundaries that I have been asked to respect within my system. Slow Tarot was born of the need to respect the boundaries of my human container while still fulfilling this aspect of my purpose here on Earth at this time.

To receive a personal reading over distance, please book an appointment here. We will connect for a conversation either via video chat or over the phone to clarify the area of focus for your reading. Based on our conversation, I will channel a custom set of inquires to guide your reading. Within 72 hours, I will email you a PDF that includes a photo of your cards and my interpretation.

For an immersive experience where we build a relationship and work together to integrate your reading into your life, I offer a Slow Tarot Integration Series. This series combines your reading with integration coaching over a six month period. Intrigued? Please click here to learn more about this experience.


collective readings

In a collective reading, cards are drawn for the human collective as a whole instead of an individual. I offer two options to receive this type of reading via email: Tarot Tuesday and Widening the Spiral.

Tarot Tuesday is a free, single card reading delivered to your inbox weekly. I inquire around what we are invited to experience during the current week. You can sign up to start receiving Tarot Tuesday readings here.

Widening The Spiral is a subscription newsletter, emailed once a month on the first. I draw cards with a bespoke spread for the coming month, highlighting what challenges and opportunities available to us and how we might best navigate them. The investment to receive Widening The Spiral is $5/month and includes a 30 day trial, so you can sign up and try it out completely free. Click here to read more or to sign up for Widening The Spiral.

I also facilitate a monthly collective tarot circle in Concord, NH on the first Tuesday of every month. These gatherings are equal parts collective tarot reading, tarot theory discussion, group coaching, and intuition development. New and seasoned readers and receivers are encouraged to attend. Please click here to read more and to register for our next circle on September 4, 2018.

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