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As we awaken to the practice of living consciously, we begin to experience shifts in the way we understand time. The concept of linear time is useful in many ways: it allows us to mark the passage of events, to show up places when we would like to, etc. It doesn’t, however, allow space to integrate our lived experience in an expansive way.

Exactly as the cycles of nature perpetually turn from birth, to life, to death, to decay, to rebirth and so on, so too go the cycles of our own human lives. As we acknowledge the spiral nature of lived experience, we become attuned to the subtle invitations offered to us by way of things we thought had passed coming back around.

Operating under the illusion of linear time while attempting to heal wounds, work through trauma, and undergo all the work involved to learn and embody our true nature sets us up to fail. For if we accept that what is gone is gone and what is done is done, then we are frustrated at best when old patterns, habits, emotions, etc appear in our lives again and again. We’re made to feel weak, powerless, or like a failure when we can’t seem to “get over it.”

As we begin to recognize our own spiral nature, we form the emboldening and empowering understanding that everything that arrives in our lives is here for us, it is not happening to us. We need only be willing in order to receive this shift in perspective, where we know that we are not failures for having to work things out more than once, that it’s simply part of the deal for being human. We begin to understand that this seeming repetition of circumstances / patterns comes back around to teach us something. These cycles provide us the opportunity to re-learn a valuable lesson, unlearn outgrown conditioning, and to provide us with a more complete picture of the web of life and our place in it.

A spiral can move in one of two ways: expansion or contraction, and as a spiral expands the circumference of its outermost track becomes perpetually larger. If we picture ourselves in the central void space of a spiral as it turns around us, we can imagine clearly that if the spiral is expanding / widening, all of the junk we’re here to work out and learn from is further away from us. It doesn’t move away so we can avoid it, on the contrary the distance allows us to see it more completely as in seeing the big picture and all of the parts that make it up. Furthermore, it will take a longer time to come back around to be faced and worked through again.

This distance is precisely the goal of the offering I call Widening The Spiral. It is my intention to utilize tarot as a tool for divine reflection, to illuminate the invitations and opportunities available to us as a collective each coming month. This monthly transmission seeks to provide practical strategies and perspectives to widen the distance / create space between recurrent patterns and lessons, allowing for deeper integration and refinement on your personal journey and evolution.

This offering is provided in exchange for a fee of $5/month (with a 30 day free trial) or $55/year (with one month free).

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