I am a 700+ hour trained and certified yoga instructor. I have been practicing for just shy of 20 years and teaching since 2008.

The lineage I study is that ofT Krishnamacharya and his son, TKV Desikachar. These teachers “pioneered the adaptation of yoga techniques for therapeutic intervention.” This method of individualization of practice informs every aspect of my own teaching.

I completed my primary 200 hour, advanced 300 hour, and individualized 200 hour yoga trainings under Guta Hedewig, who operates The Yoga School NY. I have also completed The Heart of Yoga and Pilgrimage of Sound programs at The Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai, India.

I carefully plan each of my lessons, nothing is done extraneously. I view teaching as a great honor and responsibility, and I do my best to work with subtle efficiency. It is my intention to help you cultivate peace, stillness, fortitude, and integrity by providing you practical techniques for changing the way you feel.

Individualized yoga is just as it sounds: a practice that is unique to the individual. This method differs from group classes in that sessions are taught one on one, as was traditionally done before yoga was commodified in the west. This method also provides the setting where techniques beyond asana (the physical postures typically associated with yoga) may be applied more effectively than in a group. Your practice is intended to be self led and done daily. For this reason, your practice will be much shorter than a group class, which is typically 60-90 minutes long. The idea is to keep it manageable so you actually do it! Don’t worry about forgetting what we cover in our sessions, an illustrated copy of your practice is always provided. 

The effects of individualized practice are often subtle in the short term, but broad and lasting in the long term. The difference lies not only in my methodology, but in the intention behind the practitioner’s effort. Those who will benefit most highly from this sort of practice are they who no longer seek only peak experiences, but rather endeavor to cultivate a sweet, sustainable, and grounding peace that can be their default setting as they navigate life.

Your session begins with the intake form you fill out when booking your appointment. Based on the information you provide, our session starts with a conversation regarding your overall well being, what you are hoping to accomplish by committing to a yoga practice, and any factors that might affect your practice (injuries, your environment, work schedule, family commitments, etc). The clearer the picture I have, the better I can serve you in crafting a personalized practice that is approachable and effective specifically for you.

I will then guide you through some experimental techniques to assess what would be appropriate and useful for you, continuing on until your practice begins to form. After our session is complete I will illustrate your practice with stick figures and instructions, so you don’t have to memorize it right away. This illustration is then emailed to you as a PDF. You then proceed to do your practice every day as discussed, and book follow up sessions as the need arises. I see most of my students on a monthly basis to update their practice, or simply to check in. The true beauty of this method is the relationship and trust that we develop over time. These are key ingredients to your practice effecting true and lasting change in your life.

We can work together in person if you are local to Southern New Hampshire.

For distance sessions, we can meet via facetime or skype.

You can view my availability and schedule sessions on the calendar below.


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