I am a 650+ hour trained and certified yoga instructor. I have been practicing yoga for just shy of 20 years and have been a teacher since 2008.

The lineage I study is that of T Krishnamacharya and his son, TKV Desikachar. These teachers “pioneered the adaptation of yoga techniques for therapeutic intervention.” This method of individualization of practice informs every aspect of my own teaching.

I carefully plan each of my lessons, nothing is done extraneously. I view teaching as a great honor and responsibility, and I do my best to work with subtle efficiency. It is my intention to help you cultivate peace, stillness, fortitude, and integrity by providing you practical techniques for changing the way you feel.

Individualized practice is highly effective when it is implemented with careful attention and consistency on behalf of the student. This method of teaching and learning yoga is unlike what most people in the west have come to expect. Once we choose to work together, we will have a conversation regarding your overall well being, what you are hoping to accomplish by committing to a yoga practice, and any factors that might affect your practice (injuries, your environment, work schedule, family commitments, etc). The clearer the picture I have, the better I can serve you in crafting a personalized practice that is approachable and effective specifically for you.

The effects of individualized practice are often subtle in the short term, but broad and lasting in the long term. The difference lies not only in my methodology, but in the intention behind the practitioner’s effort. Those who will benefit most highly from this sort of practice are they who no longer seek only peak experiences, but rather endeavor to cultivate a sweet, sustainable, and grounding peace that can be their default setting as they navigate life.

If you would like to begin working together, please explore my availability for individualized yoga sessions below. Distance sessions are available via FaceTime or Skype, and in person sessions are held during my office hours at The River Guild in Concord, NH.

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